In Conversation w/ Rayson Choo, Founder & Host of The Raygacy Show

Today I have an amazing guest on my podcast Inside a Hustlers’ Brain 👉 Rayson Choo helps the young professionals who are living a “hectic and stressful” life to achieve a “peaceful and happy” life. A motivational speaker, nurse, and caregiver to his mentally ill mother, he has gone through a series of setbacks such as experiencing his parents’ divorce and constant bullying at the age of seven, and even to the extent of losing his job and ex-girlfriend simultaneously at the age of twenty-four.

He has been featured on The Straits Times, IMH Link, IMH Case Manager’s Conference, Singapore Patient Caregiver Conference, Rebound Stronger Podcast and 93.8 Live’s A Slice of Life.

In this video, you’ll get to learn:

1) The Importance of Knowing Your Why.

2) The Importance of Resiliency & Perseverance During Your Struggle.

3) The Power of Networking with Giants of Your Industry.

Do check it out for the steps of how I managed to interview some of the top-notch celebrity entrepreneurs you can find on this planet as well. I hope it’ll inspire you to not give up on your dreams! Start believing and start hustling because you only have 1 life to live!

Psychiatric Nurse and Positivity Coach, Rayson Choo from Singapore joins Rajeev Mudumba for a conversation where he reveals his challenges & life experiences and what he did to turn around while focusing on the positive.

Rayson, through his brand, Raygacy, has made it his mission to help millennial entrepreneurs & professionals with personal branding and mastery. Rayson also hosts a podcast – The Raygacy Show where he gets to pick the brains of successful entrepreneurs and celebrities such as Gary V, Grant Cardone, etc.

Rayson has gone through several setbacks including experiencing his parents’ divorce, constant bullying at age seven, and losing his job and ex-girlfriend simultaneously at the age of 24. There was a point in life when he contemplated suicide! After his spectacular turnaround from depression, he has spoken to thousands of people in hospitals, schools, podcasts, and radio spreading his message of positivity. He has been featured in both local and international media.

I’m really grateful to be interviewed by Rajeev Mudumba on his amazing podcast called Plan B Success. I got to share some of my Biggest Pain Points and how a setback can be a turning point for everyone. Do check it out on the link below and share your thoughts in the comments below! Thank you!